Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sophie spits dummy

Sophie P describes her Liberal colleagues as "political terrorists". And yes, she is quite right. The entire Australian Liberal party are in the pay of communists and terrorists and they should all be voted out immediately. A snap election must be called and these deviants at the head of Australian political spin must be hunted down and rooted out by ballot.

"If you spit the dummy because the vast majority of the people in your party won't agree with you and you in effect behave as a political terrorist, well I think you actually lose credibility, I don't think it's a bad sign for the party at all." more.

Who in there wrong mind would not agree that loosing credibility is not a bad sign for the Australian Liberal party.

Thank goodness for moderate up-and-comings like Julia Goddard. Because some kinds of green belong in the nursury, with other pliable illiberal sapplings waiting to be grafted onto John Howards warped and baulking hull.

{irl}picks up dummy, dusts of grit, pops back in Sophie's mouth.{/irl}

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