Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Real Emigre's

Thanks to fraudulant libertarians wasting their time mimicking others, stuff like this is slipping through the net with barely a word of encouragement to rebel MP's.

Pull your finger out delfts' - we need to work together on these things. Stop piddling around in the dress-ups box and get your street placards on the road. There are Bills to be lobbied and children to be released.

Rebel MP to present immigration bill

Rebel Liberal backbencher Petro Georgiou will push ahead with his move to soften mandatory immigration detention laws after failing to reach an agreement with Prime Minister John Howard.

Mr Georgiou's private member's bills to release children and their families, as well as long-term detainees, could be introduced to parliament as early as next Monday despite Mr Howard's attempts to ward off a damaging government split. Read rest.

Update; Delfts still hasn't got his b into g. Sometimes I feel like I am just talking to myself. Delfts man, are your ears painted on? Can't you hear the children crying.

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