Thursday, June 09, 2005

The time has come

To answer the big question everyone is not wanting to know. "Why did Delftsman3 do it?".

Because "delftsman3" is part of some sleezy little outfit run by a handful of extremist communist parasites lacking in numbers and preying on the "anonymity" of the web to wreak havoc on other people's blogs. Basically this ragged menagerie while away their hours creating blogs and posing as extremist bush rightwingers to try and get a rise out of innocent ordinary middle of the road peaceful not convinced by war and skeptical about everyone citizens (ie the vast majority of the global population, whether online or not).

And the delftsman3/montezz/rottweiler separatists do not like being called on their bluff. It scares them witless. Hence the extended three minute hate several of their (small and ineffectual) number have embarked on since Monday morning/evening (locality specific). In essence, these reprobates are so desperate and so blinded by their sitemeters that they seem to be begging for links.

Will emigre (the first) link them? "Nyet".

Not content to besmear other bloggers, these guys are literally red-baiting the unassuming passerby by posing as red-necked tech savvy trolls. What happens to trolls when the sun comes up? They turn to stone. What happens to red-eyed ranting pillocks when the sun comes up? Your guess is as good as mine.

Frankly, I'm not sure why they bother. The world is falling all apart anyway. Strange that pixie is so quiet on this, I guess he's just hoping no-one's going to trace anything to him. How very John Howard.

Update; "George Turner" defends "Rottweiler"; "BBC quoted". BBC quoted? No kidding, the "beeb" are worse pawns then I thought. Looks like they have swallowed the whole blog conspiracy hook line and... nevermind.

Seeing as 25 percent of bloggers are fustrated journo's anyway, it's only natural that they are in on the plot. An iceberg emerges.

Afternoon/evening Update (locale specific); Anti-enigmatic hoards continue to weakly feign outrage. Rottwelian proclamations grow fainter. Emigre (imagine) is reminded by frothing ex-patriot to check TTLB status; Flippery Fish !!! Pixie's final "Huh?" upstaged by nameless interlopper;
"Every single one of you, right and left, are getting so f*cking absurd".
And that's exactly what I said two years ago when I became emigre - plagiarist.

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