Thursday, June 09, 2005

Delftsman3's mirror

Interesting. I had not expected this to become such a topical issue. Silly me. I thought bloggers were more concerned about war and the erosion of civil liberties then in defending a make believe charlatan who's been claiming he has not been corrupting the web by collaging other people's identities to suit his half-cooked personal devolution and shameless posturing.

Delftsman3 is a fraud. He thought he could write snide remarks and create confusion by posturing as an "Emigre" too. Just how many bloggers are there known as "emigre"? Exactly. And because delftsman3 came to the name through destruction rather then creativity, and because delftsman3 pretends to write utter right wing rot, and because delftsman3 is really a web extremist trying to cover his tracks - is it little wonder that he has gotten upset and "rallied" his minions to hurl more rotten fruit.

How utterly, disappointingly, predictable. It is enough to make a blogger weep. It is enough to make a blogger retire to her spire and toss a mantle over the crystal ball rather then bear witness to the warped inapropose of delftsman3 and his ilk.

What will delftsman3 do now. Will he retaliate. Will he feign "aloof" while tending to flaccid paralysis. Will he create an army of clones. Or will he rescind, mend his evil ways, make amends, repay his debts? Odds bet - none of the above. He will go back to blogging the same old same old but perhaps with a bit of wind up him (rather then inflated by) and perhaps being a bit more careful. Perhaps.

Delftsman3 continues to deny, lacks impact. Can't proove himself. Or write. Yawn.

Updated update; Mamamontezz claims to be female. LOL. I'm not sure I can keep a straight face much longer. Or a straight anything.

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