Sunday, February 27, 2005

Definition ~ Palladiate

What is palladiate? It is what Palladiate did;

To rescind ones former dalliance with extreme-conservatism and take up the peace lamp.

Palladiators: Scott Ritter (former UN weapons inspector); Palladiate (blogger); Andrew Wilkie (former Australian intelligence analyst); Martin Niemoller (former National Socialist); Barry Romo (former soldier)... at this point I would like to include myself on the list, except that I have always been a hopeless non-conformist. Oh well. Let's just pretend eh; emigre (former hopeless romantic who thought she could change the world by flirting with neo-cons. No more Eva Braun for me).

Palladiator update:
Lindsay Moran (former CIA case officer).

Palladiator update: Petro Georgiou, Judi Moylan, Bruce Baird and Russell Broadbent (Australian Liberal Party MP's taking action against mandatory detention).

Palladiator update:
Mark Latham, former Australian Labour Party Leader who hung out with the labour right wing faction and then quit the whole party and then published a book about all the joke phone calls they used to make to the UN and other stuff that embarrassed a lot of people including how he thinks the Iraq war sucks and so does Kim Beazley. Will cause longlasting waves and probably spend the rest of his days in poverty. Underestimated by his detractors.

Palladiator update: Petro Georgiou, George Brandis, Malcolm Turnbull and Marise Payne, Australian Liberal party backbenchers opposed to sedition provisions in the November 2005 Australian terror legislation package.

Palladiator update: not a palladiator. Rod Barton considers himself an a-political ordinary man and therefore cannot really fall into the palladiator pail. Worth a mention anyway. Took a long long time to come out, but finally published a book in 2006 about his experiences as a UN weapons detective basically working for intelligence organisations in Iraq between 1991 and March 2004. He concludes "we did go to war on a lie". Was first prompted to speak to the media after Australian Defence Minister Robert Hill made statements in parliament about Australian involvement with the interrogation of Iraqi prisoners that directly contradicted Barton's experience and what Barton had told Mike Pezzullo, an advisor to Senator Hill. Hill said Australia interrogated no Iraqi prisoners. Barton, an Australian, said he did. Pezzullo tried to fall back on a technicality by saying that the interrogation was "an interview". The “interviewee” was wearing an orange jumpsuit and by Barton’s account was kept 23 hours a day in solitary confinement in a two-metre box at Camp Cropper. Some job applicant. Rod Barton claims to be recently retired, am not convinced. His most chilling observation: "We live in a democracy and leaders can be voted in and out. But we do not vote for our intelligence agencies".

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