Saturday, June 11, 2005


Emigre lures pseudo neo-cons onto blog and shows them up for the self-absorbed hateful possessive and jealous felons of the web they truly are. Motivated only by spite and pride.

The irony; had I postured a long and moderately thoughtful piece on intellectual property rights or sub-atlantic psi-operatives they wouldn't have touched it with an 85 hertz barge pole.

No. The only way to appeal to these deviants of communal activity is by exposing their oversized ego's.

Delftsman, you are an illusion. A figment of Rottwelian imagination.

Exposing the hate;

"in fact, as full of shit as the syphilitic whore whose suppurating twat he crawled out of,"

- Rottweiler, pseudo neo-con.

"The blood is in the water."

- Mamamontezz, Queen of indignation if nothing else.

"I've been a naturalized citizen of the US for longer than you've been alive" "YOUR the newby." "MY minions, dolt"

- Delftsman3, Dutch but can't handle double.

Update - Exposing the hate, more trumped up invective from Mike H;

"Another pocket prince of incredibly minute stature bleats his self-annoited importance to a cadre of true dyed-in-the-wool VRWC's who can give a flying f*ck in a rolling donut how long he's been whining to the world his spiritless and mundane opinion."

LC Mikenchi
Mike H

Updated hate expose;
Beth vies to be quoted. Well ok "Beth", but I'm not sure why you'd want anyone to hear you saying this. And why do you post with a girls name?

"Are you fucking serious?"


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