Monday, June 13, 2005

Untangling the web

My God. I had no idea delftsman3's copycat blog would prove so scandal breaking. Exposing Delftsman's fraud has created an identity storm and it seems some barking sellouts are still attempting to piggyback on the rump of dissention. Is a bit icky must say. Bit like puppy jagging on leg. Others are still scratching heads. And with good reason.

First things first.

An explain for confused Munuvites. "The Rottweiler", as he is known by his on heat adherents (communist pawns all) is an undercover operative for the Communist Party who whiles away his intermediary hours (delusionally) creating duplicate blogs in the names of other honestly dissenting bloggers under the misguided notion that he is protecting "the people" from "the purges" by smearing individual identity into one big murky overmixed pallet in a grand obscurification network designed to; A. Make ordinary bloggers mad and angry and ripe for Socialist subversion; B. Make himself feel importantly protectionist (communist written all over) and; C. Hide himself from Rice's sense of smell.

Unfortunately for pixie, The Rottweiler has infiltrated Munuvia through Mamamontezz's backdoor and is posing as me under a false blog name which I shan't link to just yet (not wanting to cause more confusion).

So rest easy Munuvites, the "sleezy little outfit run by a handful of extremist communist parasites lacking in numbers and preying on the "anonymity" of the web etc" is not Munuvia. No. It is not even "The Rottie's" mangy pack of rabid hangers on. It is much bigger and I am not sure how to break it to you all right now except to say that Dean Esmay and Juan Cole are "involved".

More on that later.

In the meantime: a link exchange-update. Excuse paused response. Researching this whole messy affair takes time away from replying to your many overtures.

Emigre for Immigrants
Emigre with a Digital Cluespatula
Emigre with an e
Emigre with an Analog Cluebat

Am not sure really why these people are linking, except to guess they want exposure too. Thanks Vinnie for pointing them all out (but no "feeling". Just to be clear on that one).

Ps Vinnie, you have been duped. Your blogroll is full of Communist Fronts. And don't let that queen "Montezz" pull the wool over your eyes, that she gets off on spanking is a dead giveaway to "her" real orientation.

UPDATED link-exchange: Basil recommends dog's breakfast. Basil, please, if you are reading this, stay away from the Rottweiler. He is a bad influence on you. Do not believe a word he says - his site is a front for Marxist extremists. He and Montezz have delftsman under their thumb and they'll have you too if you carry on recommending material like that. And what the heck are you blogging from Vince's machine for? Are you crazy? Don't you know he's being watched?

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