Friday, June 10, 2005

Answering Mamamontezz

Mamamontezz says;
I did notice that you did not have the glandular fortitude to trackback to on your post. But of course, you know what that would cause.

Emigre (imagine) replies;

I wrote a special post especially for Rottweiler all of his own and trackedbacked him that one.

Then I wrote a second post especially for you and delftsman3, and trackbacked you on that.

"Individuals" such as yourselves require "individual" attention.

Mamamontezz says;
Kicking old ladies and cripples is more your speed. Your parents must be very proud, from wherever it is they can see you.

Emigre (imagine) replies;

Even if it were possible to deliver a "kick" virtually, I would find it deplorable. Little old ladies? LOL. Reminds me of my grandmother, a feisty woman. Yes, I suspect she is proud, from wherever it is that she can see me.

Mamamontezz says;
Oh, and before I go, is this the first attack of a Munuvian blogger, or have you done this to others? Someone told me you attempted to become a part of the Munvian community, but it did not work out for you. I understand your desire to leave Blogger, but this truly isn't the way. You may find better hosting on the free blogs at Blog-City.

Emigre (imagine) replies;

I have not attacked anyone. I pointed out delftsman3's spoof site and someone else unleashed the Rottweiler.

"Attempt" munuvia? Lol, hardly. I once mentioned to The Commissar (why pretend with "someone's", we're the only ones reading this stuff) that I was looking at other hosts for more comment manageability after seeing the way some other bloggers I was sharing another blogger site with were copping it (from unbecoming Rottweileresque commenters). Your Commissar actually kept urging me to try, so in the end I wrote to them and pixie wrote back, and at some stage added me as a forum member. I think I replied with a thanks, logged in once, never commented and forgot about it. A short while later I noticed the new delftsman3 "Emigre" blog and it's url and it actually kind of turned me off as a host. I mean, it's kind of weird don't you think - that this blog just happens to turn up so soon after another blogger closely tied to you and delftsman3 was urging me to try is a very small community, and emigre is a very rare blog title. Don't you think the combined coincidence is a little too coincidental? And what's worse, you guys used pixie.

Look, this is not about "attacks" although the Rottweiler would seem to think so, as that's the only level he appears to operate on. It's about finally getting around to pointing out something I noticed a while ago and perhaps could have questioned earlier had I not been tied up blogging more important "real life" issues for The Commissar before he decided my posts were attracting unfavorable attention to his more serious blog.

I actually like blogger, you can do anything with it if you can be bothered - and some people can, and those people are generally fairly open and "un-possessive" in sharing their modifications. Unlike your counterpart - ironically, seeing as I am his muse.

My original reason for looking at alternatives too blogger was comment "irritability management" related - and more for another shared blog then for me. The funny thing is, I rarely delete abuse directed at me, except occasionally where co-bloggers (no, not Sir Gulag) have suggested cleaning up the trolls. Anyway, now that blogger comments are more "manageable" and they've fixed up a few glitches there is less reason to move.

I haven't thought about "migrating" from blogger in months, it's fine and has everything I need.

Again, I have no prob sharing a name - but I have every reason to conduct an expose when I see someone intentionally setting out to get my back up by posting content, in my name, that they know contradicts my whole "live and let live" outlook.

What this is about; Socialist scum-mongering and Communist manipulation. Delftsman3/Montezz/Rottweiler et all are convinced if they pretend hard enough to be wicked nasty corporate neo-cons they can raise the hackles of the ordinary peaceloving individual and induce a backlash/revolt. Too bad, so sad, didn't work. Bummer for you, Montezz.

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