Friday, June 10, 2005


Delftsman3 and his entourage have been going out of their ways to create and scrape together "old link references" to his "prior December 2004 Emigre" blog. The oldest anyone can come up with is March 2004.

Just a little point everyone seems to be missing, Emigre The True (moi) started a blog titled "emigre lucere" and url'd "" in July 2003, before any of the links "delftsman3" has supplied referencing his site. Blogger still records the registration date in it's user profile system ("on blogger since" etc) even though the original blog no longer exists. It had quite a bit of personal musing on it and I deleted it after this compilation of links accidentally became something unexpected after equally unexpected links from others including Rebecca Blood and The Guardian. It was a bit spooky at the time and I only started my personal musing up again later when I felt safely obscure again.

Oddly, someone, took up the old lucere url in December 2004 and created a blog about "Dyscalculia". Must be a hot topic. Looks like an extremist dabbling in marxist rage theory has "renovated" and is living there now. Oh well, if wants he to squat in a cheap rundown blog unit that's his business.

You can find my first ever emigre blog link here (very fondily remembered).

You can find another one of my first ever "emigre blog" references here (and here) shortly before I deleted the whole thing (was exploring invisible text at the time as suggested by Baldric). Oh sweet and naive days those were.

Just to repeat;

I have no prob sharing a name but I have every reason to conduct an expose when I see someone intentionally setting out to get my back up by posting content, in my name, that they know contradicts my whole "live and let live" outlook.

What this is about; socialist scum-mongering and communist manipulation. Delftsman3/Montezz/Rottweiler et all are convinced if they pretend hard enough to be wicked nasty corporate neo-cons they can raise the hackles of the ordinary peace loving individual and induce a backlash/revolt. Too bad, so sad, didn't work. Bummer for you all, few though your real numbers may be.

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