Monday, June 06, 2005

The kind of thing you get around to posting about eventually

A funny thing happened. One day someone recommended a new bloghost to me. So I wrote to them. And they wrote back. And that was that, hardly heard another thing. Although, a few months later I did notice a new blog that popped up, hosted by the same blog hosting service, with an unusual and oddly familiar sounding name. I would be flattered, except that the mind behind the "spinoff" post's the most utter badly scripted rightwing rot.

If you want to find it, you'll have to google it, I am not linking the unimaginative fourlegged cretin here (try "Emigre with a digital cluebat" or something like that).

See screenshot for highlighted clues.
  • Oddly unusually familiar name.

  • Archive dates. Imposter; dates to December 2004. Real emigre imagination; dates to October 2004

  • Sidebar banner, claims to be a "truthteller".

Image hosted by

Update; June 09, 2005. Delftsman3 still maintains he was "Emigre" first - but can only dig up his "earliest archive" dating to March 02, 2004. Incidently, anyone can change the date on a post to make it look that old. You and I know the truth delftsman3, even if your pawns don't.

"I" have been blogging (on other blogs) as emigre since July 2003. One thing good about blogspot - it records registration date in it's blogger user profile function.

This is not about "naming rights" or "copyright". It is about pointing out delftsman3's attempt to create confusion over another's identity by "borrowing" the name another was writing other material in on another site still (a site with a no-war pro-peace bent) which delftsman3 apparently found controversial enough to try and usurp.

You might be able to fool some, delftsman3, but you haven't fooled me. It's time you were exposed for the manipulative fraud you are.

I have no problem with being delftsman3's inspiration, if only he would admit it.

Note to Beth; Do I care if you link/visit this page? ROTFLOL. This is not about you or traffic, it's about delftsman3 thinking he can get away with being an arsehole.

Integrity begins at the bottom of the pyramid and delftsman3's pyramid is groundless. If he doesn't watch out, the whole structure will topple/sink. And "I" have the distinct feeling that's exactly what he wants.

Delftsman3's folly; he didn't expect the muse to back-chat.

Why don't you just go back to bawling godless blasphemies in Stephen Commissar's anti-janus (not) achilles echo chamber.

Further update; Delftsman3 has scraped together some stone throwers. But still, no-one has provided proof to back up delftsman3's claim that he blogged as Emigre before me. The point, for all the possessives spitting tacks down there in the comments who seem to think this is about "naming rights" and "copyright", is individuality. This is not about ownership - it's about integrity. It's about delftsman3 thinking he could pull a fast one and missing the mark.

Fact - there was no-one blogging or commenting as emigre before July 2003.

Delftsman3's pants are on fire.

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