Sunday, May 28, 2006

A short post about hypocracy

Hilarious. Fayrouz Hancock "in Beaumont" has been hitting the "notify blogger about objectional content" flag on my blog. Talk about no backbone. First she reports me to the FBI for being flippant (on the web!) and now she's reporting me to blogger. Free speech, as far as Fayrouz Hancock goes, is something she seems to think only she should have. What a complete and incredible bore.

Well, here goes, more "objectionable content" - the war is wrong, Fayrouz Hancock acts like a Baathist and her husband is ex-mil (US). Oh dear, however did I guess.

I should point out once more, for Fayrouz, seeing as she can't seem to help herself from popping over here with a proxy (again, spineless) that I find her to be dull and somewhat repellant. Don't mind me, I just slipped a truth serum into my porridge this morning and can't bring myself to post any lying sweetness for her to read.

I suppose this is going to get a copy of my blog sent to the pentagon now. For them to read again. Seeing as my opinions are such a deathly threat. Ie that I believe all immigrants ought to be treated fairly and not put into camps behind razor wire or forced into illegal occupations and paid two cents an hour (or whatever the less then minimum wage is these days for unskilled workers with no "citizenship").

Gosh. I'm becoming a bit of a Latham here.

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