Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Why people wants to know the truth Update

Update. Fayrouz is reporting me to the FBI for disagreeing with her. Looks like I get to go to jail for being a deviated pacifist afterall.

Fayrouz Hancock's latest email to me:

Your posts will be safed in a separate directory and ready to be sent to the FBI when something happens to me. You're no difference than the canibbalist blogger... (etc etc something about a mental institution for thought reprocessing etc)...

BTW, even if you post as anonymous, your IP and all information are attacked to the message on the server. Have you heard of the Chinese blogger who was turned by google to the authorities? He was anonymous too.

I don't read your messages any more. I just safe them for the authorities to find you.

My crimes: thought ones. As usual. I admit it. I did it. I was seriously sarcastic and did an awful awful thing and now I am being turned over to the authorities for telling Fayrouz what I think. Uncensored (finally). Strangely, I told her she was a toady to authority. Tragically, it was not nearly as creative as what I would of told Truth About Iraqis (the fraudulant Austrian who is not, and not an Iraqi either) so as you can imagine this is somewhat of a god-send for me. But not much of a surprise.

It doesn't take much really, to get turned in to the authorities these days. Funnily enough, Fayrouz mentioned Anti-Jews. Which is just what TAI said (but having chosen different words). And most oddly of all, the time Stephen Whatsis name excommunicated me (from his Iraq elections purple fingers blog) was the same time as when I mentioned about how erm, how, much like, well, how much the whole neo-conservative ethic reminded me of early onset Nazism. And that I could see muslims being sent off to camps by the bucketload if we weren't careful. Heck look at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib I probably said, at the time. Gosh. I never thought it was so across the board though. It's just like the old days, in 1942. Everyone hates you bringing up the Jews. The right, the left, the centre - there is no place for it.

Oh well, here I go. A pacifist. Chalking up my third "Ye shall be exiled" experience. In conjunction with having said something Jewish probably. Which is odd. Seeing as how I don't have a religion, and have no idea what I should be doing that's so Jewish. I mean, if there were more Jews about I could probably ask one and find out. But alas, most of them were extinguished last time. And as far as I can make out, the Jew in me was largely bred down to a quarter (or something) under generally acceptable assimilation policies. I guess I got the quart that does all the bad things that ought to be nailed to the cross. I suppose I have no choice but to turn to passive extremism, being a pacifist but having made no impact thus far. I must get myself arrested, preferably for thought crimes.

Anyway, as it stands, so far as Fayrouz is concerned I now eat babies probably, and drink the blood of Aryan prima donnas.

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