Monday, January 02, 2006

Prove me wrong

Well that was shortlived. My work with the American people appears to be over. It could just be that I ran out of impetus. Or it could be the heat wave hanging over Sydney last week just sucked any enthusiasm I had left out of me. Or it could just be that I find the American people an uninspiring and lost cause. There was a time when I might have allowed for you know, individuality or something, before coming to rash conclusions like this. But those times are over. Without exception the American people seem to me to be rude, loud, many other things my sensitivities preclude me from putting in words and convinced that their liberality is the only liberality. A lot like Australian socialists really, who I also consider a lost and degenerative folk.

I was going to make room for a sentence about Americans who don't feel especially American, and how it might be to feel about as American as I do Australian, and how I can relate to having a birth certificate and citizenship but there being, well, more to life then that. I was going to make up some kind of sentence like that, offering up the universality of souls in hope. But I just can't bring myself to do it - I am just reminded of that fink TAI who parades around pretending he is not American and sounding every minute more American then ever. And anyway, I would rather go and have a pot of tea and finish my mint slices then think anymore about Americans. I am uncertain if this means my own liberality has given out or whether I am turning into a witch or could this be early onset menopause or have I just finally had an absolute gutsfull and can I be bothered ticking off whoever is next on my smite list.

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