Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A near furious post about prejudice

Formerly titled "Fayrouz Hancock hates migrants". This post was originally written in a near state of fury. It seems almost funny at this point (that I bothered writing about it to myself). Still, I am furious about several things and Fayrouz Hancock knows very well what they are now. Namely, I'm not a great fan of people running around drubbing others who don't even have internet access ie can't exactly answer for themselves (I am thinking of people held in immigration detention centres, for one thing).

Since my exchange with Fayrouz about migration and prejudice, more then one million people from Miami to Seattle (in Fayrouz's residential country of choice) have marched in support of migrants. I wonder how comfortable Fayrouz feels now, having sold out to the migrant-haters in previous episodes. Perhaps Fayrouz imagined hating migrants might have given her credence in some "assimilated national" way. As Fayrouz only ever bows to the status quo, or what she perceives it to be, I wonder how she feels now that Catholic Bishops are as concerned about the stereotyping of migratory peoples as I am. Will she change her tune? Or will she continue to post anti-migrant drivel during her happy-war downtimes.

Spokane Bishop William Skylstad, leader of U.S. Catholic bishops, is urging justice for legal and illegal immigrants in Washington state.

In a letter to parishioners, Skylstad noted that his father passed through Ellis Island in 1927, and that it is wrong to stereotype illegal immigrants read more

Note to "Cile". Seeing as I have mail asking me about Fayrouz Hancock's "emigre attacked me" post, I thought I might as well publish a public reply instead of sneaking around forwarding email behind everyone's backs like Fayrouz Hancock does. Yes I questioned Fayrouz, I questioned her prejudicial cow-towing and slimy grubbing and the way she frequently disses migrants in the hopes that she shall be rewarded with extra citizen chips. Much as Baath grubs betrayed friends and neighbours in return for paltry nest linings, so does Fayrouz Hancock besmear the migrant community in return for an imagined national acceptance. Yes I challenged the pitiful and gutless material Fayrouz Hancock produces. Because I think it's important. And because I am not afraid of speaking out or leading a case against Fayrouz Hancock's tunnel visioned view of the web and wider world.

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