Monday, January 09, 2006

With compliments

Well it's my lunch break. My lunchbreak at the beginning of the week at the start of new year. I stayed up all last night planning a plan and I'm dead tired and look like - well never mind what I look like today, the important thing is that you can't see me and I can congratulate myself and anyone else who looks as haggard as I do after three years of waging peace against all odds. Because by god if there is one - we've done it. We've waged peace when there is absolutely no show on earth that we can stop the killing and the maiming and the torturing and the looting of loot and unearthing of oils and trodding down on rays of hope. Congratulations everyone, congratulations the dead dearly departed and living corpses wasting away on cell floors and in cargo holds. Congratulations the lot of you. Three years later, a lot of dead bodies, more kidnappings then I could count blogs (including all the fake ones) a mash of meaningless words and spent emotion and courageous courage and strawmen blown over in the wind - after all this futility we have made it. I have made it. I have made it thus far, and probably shall continue till I perish. Which is a comforting thought, for I know that all over the world people are waging peace, in their small ways, with their cups of tea and moments caught between word and reality.

And now, having congratulated myself and anyone else who passes by on our frailty and utterly utterly ridiculous task (might as well try spinning gold from hay) - I am going to go and eat my sandwich.

Today, is a day in which I look about me at my disrepair and feel satisfied, so satisfied with my unrelenting ineffectuality that I spread my imaginary arms wide and cheer on every one of you who achieve as little as I do while forfeiting sleep sanity and even frequent mealtimes, to following the war on terror and thwarting it in every way possible that is possible to creatures digging our own death pits with teaspoons. There is probably a better way, but it might not be as fun. I hope I wrote "fun" in the right intonation, you know, the weary but damned if I let on war is hell tone.

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