Saturday, December 24, 2005

Woops! Anybody know wot this is?

Was fluffing about cleaning and think I accidentally knocked something of my pc. Not being especially tech-literate you can understand my concern in wondering what the heck I have done and is something broken now. So far everything still seems to be working, but still wondering what this is and what it connects too.

Anybody can recognise it and tell me what it does?

Update: it's about 2-3cm long.

Update update: am I imagining things? Nope, scroll down for more.

Side view.

Top view.

Another side view (or maybe bottom).

Well it looks a bit like one of these, only with a case. Now the trouble is finding out what it fell off and how to plug it back in (kidding).

Further update: There formerly was a picture of a bug here, which I hot-linked from a website about surveillance devices, which looked curiously like my device but has been taken down off the web now.

or maybe one of these.

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