Wednesday, April 26, 2006

More truth about Fayrouz Hancock

Goodness. Fayrouz Hancock seems to have published another entry on her blog claiming I have been verbally "attacking" her. Ironically, after drubbing her readers for the sympathy vote she wrote me an email claiming that I am playing the victim by publishing her threats to report me to the FBI. I am being reported for creative writing. What a lot of fun the officers in the sedition department must be having, following up web log tizzys. There certainly must be a lot of material to work with. A whole internets full. I hope this isn't the sort of work that accounts for Germany's 24 kilometre long Nazi archive.

What happened: Fayrouz published another of her one-eyed opinion pieces about migrants. These generally run with the theme that although Fayrouz has migrated herself, she is somehow better then all the other immigrants who, she says, are bludgers and quote "queue-jumpers". There was a time when I would have patiently humored Fayrouz, and gently explained to her, probably with Christian thoughts, that the immigration detention system is a horror on earth in Australia and not as easy as it is for people like herself who married ex-military service men to gain green-cards. There was a time when I would have taken that tack. But those days are over. Fayrouz claims she has changed during the last three years. And perhaps she has. If that is so, it's time she learnt that sarcasm is warranted where sarcasm is due and in healthily democratic countries sarcasm is not a hanging offense. At least, that is what Fayrouz and other pro-Bush pro-war bloggers used to like to tell everyone as they busily filled the comments sections of pro-peace Iraqi blogs with rot and hate-filled sarcasm "America is a free country, we are free to be horrible" they chimed. "America is a free country", Fayrouz echoed.

I have seen too many people with a site more sense and compassion then Fayrouz Hancock go through hell online for being brave enough to do such things as speak out against war, film war as it really is, record civilian war casualties, raise money for hospital supplies in war torn districts and put their lives on the line to publish live without pay from Iraq. People who have done all these things have done so under a barrage of the most appalling smut ever written this century. So the very idea that three comments calling Fayrouz's prejudicial stance about immigration into question have prompted her to threaten me with imprisonment, is ludicrous. Yes really. I have been threatened with the FBI and prison for seditious behaviour on Fayrouz Hancock's blog. Fayrouz has informed me that she is saving my IP for the FBI and that I shall be "the first one to go to prison".

All my wishes have been granted at once. I am officially a seditious threat worthy of imprisonment. Of course, the moment I land there, Fayrouz will be publishing entries about what a heaven on earth prison is for migrants and that I shall be served three meals a day, have my own toilet, and not have to work in an office. I shall be one of those bludging migrants she so happily claims not be. Roll on Villawood.

Bibliography, selected threats from Fayrouz:

Fayrouz's first threat on her blog in which she announces I shall be imprisoned. Nay, I shall be "the first to get into the prison jail". I expect this means Fayrouz has been collecting other IPs as well and I am the orange alert. Goodness knows what the other terrors have done. Blogged in Comic Sans?

I'll continue to post your IP address so the FBI wouldn't have a problem finding you if something happens to me. Actually in this case, even if someone else harm me, you'll be the first to get into the prison jail.

April 23, 2006 10:01 AM

Fayrouz's email in which she threatens to report me to the FBI (condensed version, summarised part in italics):

From Fayrouz Hancock
Mon Apr 24 05:40:18 2006

Your posts will be safed in a separate directory and ready to be sent to the FBI (etc etc asylum etc re-education thought crime etc.)

After making threats to my physical person, Fayrouz later states she believes in verbal assault as well. At first I took this to mean she doesn't believe in verbal violence, but on a second reading she actually writes she believes in it. The hypocracy:

From Fayrouz Hancock
Mon Apr 24 18:29:17 2006

(Paragraph about saving all her emails for the FBI etc first place people look is an email etc etc it's in the news etc etc)

I'm one of those people that believe that abuse isn't only about physical violence. It's about verbal violence too.

(Victim etc etc credibility real Iraqi etc etc.)

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