Thursday, December 22, 2005

Never trust a writer

Evidently TAI thinks that his identity is a hot topic. Enough to warrant emails behind my back anyway. And perhaps he is right, there does seem to be some uncertainty out there. I do keep asking everyone to stop writing me about it, but write people do, asking who is he, and what is he up to, and how have I come to my conclusion, and would I please share any information that may have fallen into my possession. Information? Read his blog. Read all "the" blogs. Here, read his latest post:

Yes TAI, racism is at work. And ego.

TAI thinks he can pull this off if he claims he is eloquent and educated. "I am eloquent and educated, therefore I must be Iraqi" is the sum of his entire argument. And anyone who suggests otherwise must therefore be ignorant and in-eloquent white trailer trash. As ever, a twisted mutation on borrowed phrase. He manages to warp everything other diarists write, this way. Never having his own experience to draw from he clips anecdotal evidence from other diaries. But does anyone have the memory to place where these things come from? How hollow another person's passion sounds between his teeth. How hollow, like an old man trying to whistle up war through gums and dental plates.

Like every arrogant self important self declared supremist, he thinks if he can manipulate other people's emotions he can have anyone believe anything.

He deliberately sets out to destroy truth by setting others against one another.

He claims Iraqis were demonized and ostracized by right wing radio post 9-11 and yet the inverse was true. Iraqis were championed by right wing radio, much as TAI purports to champion Iraq now. Oh the noble undertrod Iraqis in their fetters! Oh the brave hard workingclass Iraqi, going through the shredders! Tragedy! We must rally! Once and for all deposing their horrid pungent ruling class! WE must, cried rightwing radio, for if we do not assist these brave civilians in their hour of need (splice to sound archive - Iraqis preparing for war, nobly and unphased, locking down their shops, with nonchalant shrug and devil may care stoicism) we MUST remove Saddam, before he blows up the Iraqis and us all!

TAI no doubt reveled in planting rumour, in the feeding frenzy that was rightwing radio post 9-11. And now he lives, free, unmarked, to reap the rewards of his own war. The war he wanted. The war he thinks he can control. The civil war he craves.

TAI, full of it, full of himself, claiming Israeli intelligence wrote with pointed finger to unseat Saddam. Israeli back then, was he?

TAI, never consistent, with one token between his thumb and forefinger pointing at Israeli intelligence while all in the same gesture pointing his index finger at Israel.

He claims to believe Iraqis are right in fighting for land and their homes, and that Palestinians are right in fighting for land and their homes, and yet he cannot afford this same dignity to Israelis. Not while in character anyway, not as TAI.

TAI is racist and this is hardly surprising, considering he was raised in America.

He claims, as TAI, that his mother is Austrian, but he cannot tell us anything about her. He likes to tell us all about how Iraqi he is though, doesn't he. Although he can never tell us anything above generalities about Iraq, every time weedling his way out of it with some excuse about how "this is all about America" (as any American would) from behind his embarrassingly fair complexion.

TAI, Chathab. With a forked tongue, he splices his lies. Creating for himself an apprenticed nightmare - a mickey mouse mockery where he sweeps himself off his feet with multiple half truths and singular vanity. Almost as Tariq Ali might, I bet TAI is a big fan. Having modeled himself so appallingly on reality it's hardly surprising that he would have no room for any sense of inhibition in satirising other people's fictions.

TAI is a writer, not a truthteller. A brainwashed product of his own making. TAI is an American, an American, an American closeting himself in neverland because he never ever ever will be anything more then words on a page. Words where ostracise and demonise are spelt with a zee by an "educated and eloquent" anti(sure)American. Anyone can write. With a bit of research.

Does anyone have any idea how many times it would have been easy beyond TAI's wildest dream for me to claim I am Iraqi and have almost everyone believe it without so much as a nod? I have lost count of the number times I have explained to people I am not - it would be unfair, misleading, it would misrepresent real people's suffering, to let anyone believe otherwise. And even so, all the while, I am left with the nagging feeling that some people really wish I were Iraqi too. Indeed, that some people secretly believe I am and that I have deliberately chosen not to say so that my voice may not be inhibited by other people's preconceived notions.

If visitors can believe I, not Iraqi, am, then how easy it must be to believe that TAI is, just because he says so. Just because he says so.

Later note: to anyone, anyone at all, who might wonder what is going on. "Truth About Iraqis" follows same formula "Baghdad Mistress" did. Ie written by middle aged middle class middle income male with nothing to do but fantasise ("my life in a bordello" "my friend Nicholas Cage" "all the famous ambassadors I have met" "my educated and eloquent life as the child of an Iraqi diplomat" etc etc ad infinitum) use of blogspot (the pauper, miscreant, slumdweller, "rebel", imaginist and ghetto diarist's choice of blog) and reversion to slander when identity called into question("whoever says I am not a mistress is a sexist sexist man" or "whoever says I am not Iraqi is a racist racist racist").

Other note:
commenter calling himself "Elie" owned up to being "Tai" during weak moment. Commenter "Elie" known to have frequented Raed's comments in days leading up to the closing thereoff. A known stirrer and "loose with the truth".

Does anyone care who "Tai" or "Truth About Iraqis" is in real life? No, I doubt it. But, I do care that his personality type is deadset on agitation and unethical transgression. Better that people know this then that people don't. I hope in mentioning these things he will be less able to cause harm.

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