Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The blogosphere is all awash with petulance, again.

Second-rate grizzler deplores

"Public de-linkings, and other similar traffic-whoring stunts".

I abhor traffic whores and had to think twice before even linking the pixel-dry lemon flirt in return. Now. To get back on topic (yick I hate sticky fingers). Replying to my detractors is time consuming, yet evils must necessarily be dealt with and I cannot pretend to not hiss back when spat at (eventually).

Where was. Oh yes.

If you thought distinguishing myself from that lefty poser Delftsman was a traffic stunt then you are a sadly deluded blogger indeed.

And you should give up right now. Because nobody cares about "sides". Your miserably small bevy of communist right-whinger poseurs have reached the end of their lines. Their well has cracked. Their letters have unraveled. The web war is over. The moderate passives won. Your time is up. (Someone had better point this out to the small disconnected team of self-appointed undercover operatives still roaming about without direction, few laggers seem to have lost contact with command control. Unless of course that really is ASIO tapping my phoneline).

Final word on counter-cloning; That a post seeking to untangle myself from Delftsman's murky smear campaign became the scene of repeated telegraph-pole piddling could not have been forecast, and if ankle-high golden showers are all your ilk aspire to then I am shocked and horrified.

(which I doubt you will want to hear, being a pissy moany run of the mill blog whore).

Stop whoring for links and start blogging for yourself instead of pandering to the misguided and two-dimensional perception that blogs have "sides".

Look behind your facade at your html and get back in touch with the three dimensions, Beth. Before you become an irredeemable socialist "all the world is against me" pawn.

I double-doubt you'll want to hear this, but you could fairly easily nip and tuck a blogger template to almost seamlessly match your page. It would load faster (blogger has improved even if Mamamontezz's strap-on hasn't) and it would be free so you wouldn't have to worry about all those one-way trackbackers hogging your bandwidth (playing by the rules indeed, next time before declaring "it's not fair" a self-branded "right-winger" might want to consider certain one-way liberties and oil-lines).

You may even be able to take your existing comment provider over to blogspot (or just use blogger's, it's remarkably glitch-free these days. Unless you're one of those precious blog-whores who likes to keep all her existing comments so that she can knotch them on her gaudy k-mart quality belt).

In short - blogger is undergoing "gentrification". Once the blog-squatter's virtual-warehouse of choice (large cheap and un-insulated) blogger is now a viable alternative for the dissatisfied "never can please" yuppie blog-wench. Unhappy with your lot? Go to blogger and have a template tutu (sigh, another word that'll go over sheltered northern hemispheric heads). Go to blogger and have a template fiddle. It's relaxing, like playing with leggo, or planning a holiday hut. You might even enjoy doing it again.

Update !!! Just googled "Mamamontez", em-im number one !!! Hah-ha. A list wringing link-whore might want to consider revising gripe No 23 in this respect. (Gutrumbles was number two and the fraudulant "every man should have a gun and a doberman" Rottweiler skank only number five, even after misspelling twice. Come to think of it, some outfit called "Blackfive" are there as well and so is combatarms - three times. Phoo, you righties are terrible spellers).

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