Wednesday, July 06, 2005

70 Australians detained. Seriously.

No longer content waylaying men in robes/beards and detaining asylum seekers, Australian airport security are now cracking down on comedians.

travelers have been warned not to indulge in typical Aussie humour at airports, with jibes like "never mind the bomb in my bag" now likely to land jokers in hot water.

The Australian Federal Police said more than 70 people had been detained and questioned for making such comments since new aviation safety laws came into effect in March, with five convictions recorded.

-- The Sydney Morning Herald this afternoon.

Note to self; be more deadpan. Travel without red clown nose.

Sh*t !!!

There is really no need to point out what a waste of staff-time this is, or how stii-upid it makes air security look. But I will anyway. More then 70 harmless humourists detained in less then two months, while somehow mean-while pot is smuggled out by the boogie-bag full. Does "prioritise and organise" mean anything to airport management?

Am I glad I'm not an airport security clerk - imagine being asked by your employer to detain simple funloving folk and keep an eye on the x-ray scanner and listen out for the metallic objects bleeper and be on the alert for select passport holders and keep a straight face all at the same time.

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