Saturday, June 25, 2005

Not understanding? Or understanding too much.

Despite Federal Government claims that Sheik Hassan Zadaan had nothing to contribute to rescuing Douglas Wood, the Australian emergency response team in Baghdad devoted considerable resources to shutting down the tribal sheik's efforts on the engineer's behalf.

Big long article from Paul McGeough (during one of his more lucid moments - sorry Paul, but the boot-licking shows through in some of the other stuff. Well look, what else can you expect on a blog if not honesty). Read whole thing, it's actually pretty comprehensive.

Condensed emigre version (23 paragraphs in 32 words);

Sheik was giving Islam a negotiable name, the hostage takers were looking dangerously human and reasonable. Occupying psy-ops had to interfere before peace broke out and put an end to their jobs.

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