Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Slaves to trade

They sold us "War is Peace". And we let them. They sold us "Love is Hate". And we let them. They sold us nutrition with a packet of fries, a soulmate with a pill and beauty in a leaking silicon disk. And the consumer bought it all.

Will we let them sell us "Work is Freedom" ? Is this "the straw that broke the little pigs roof" ?

Or will we end up buying "industrial reform" too, chained to our wallets, forking out our weekly incomes for our weekly package deal of platitudes.

Sell your vision, bosses tell PM
By Nick O'Malley Workplace Reporter and Mark Metherell

Employers and the Federal Government have fallen out over the planned new era of industrial relations, blaming each other for failing to sell the reforms as polls reveal the public has turned against them.

Business leaders yesterday pressed the Government to launch immediately a publicity campaign to counter the ACTU's $8 million media blitz attacking the plan. But Government sources have expressed impatience at the failure of businesses to launch their own ad campaign.


Where will it end.

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