Saturday, June 04, 2005

Yet another asylum seeker Australia's government is choosing to not protect

Mr Chen has been blackmarked by his country for doing a schindler and not ratting on China's political dissidents. Very Australian of him, very not cowtowing to bureaucracy, very "Nedkelly/Operahousecrimson" and yet Australia's politburo have helped China force the poor man into hiding. Howard is a communist. A bootlicking whale hitching ill-liberal Bush-Hu Jintao sellout.

A senior Chinese diplomat (has) abandoned his post in Sydney and (is) seeking political asylum in Australia with his family.

Chen Yonglin, 37, the consul for political affairs at the Chinese consulate-general in Sydney, is believed to have walked out of the mission a week ago and security staff have been looking for him.

"They are searching for me. I heard they are looking for me everywhere, especially in the Chinese community," Mr Chen told (a) newspaper (ok, the Weekend Australian) which published a photograph of him holding up his consular identity card.

"I feel very unsafe, so I seek protection."

Mr Chen then met a Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) protocol officer in Sydney on Tuesday.

And a fat lot of help they were;

"DFAT told me the Chinese government want me back and Australia doesn't want me," Mr Chen said.

Mr Chen, who holds the rank of first secretary, contacted The Weekend Australian yesterday afternoon. He said he wanted to defect because he could no longer support his country's persecution of dissidents.

As consul, Mr Chen said he monitored political dissidents, including members of the Falun Gong religious sect, during the past four years, but had not been reporting on them in protest against Beijing's policies. more.

Yay Mr Chen, Boo DFAT and the Chinese Govt.

See you later.

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