Sunday, May 29, 2005

Skewed constitutions and sham democracies

I remember realising how innocent my parents are. It must be their generation, mustn't it? To trust in their political beliefs as they did, indefinite as those beliefs were. Sort of loosely rolled around some higher aspiration to equality and freedom. It must have been their generation, I thought. And my generation - oh we were wise. We'd seen the grit under the carpet and the droppings behind the skirting boards.

Except that now I see innocent people everywhere. All over the show. And of my generation. Pounding out there exclamations and proclaiming their convictions. Justifying, their politic of choice. Because it does require a sort of innocence to subscribe to political belief. A sort of naivete, a trusting blind faith in humanity.

And I just don't trust humanity that much. It's not that I ever lost faith it's more that I was probably just never born with it. I was born, I think, with the blinkers off. It's not very pretty, seeing the scum. It's not very pretty and there's nothing eloquent about it. And most people just don't understand, when you notice that it's not an emerald on their finger but a chunk of cheap plastic. Most people just look hurt and disappointed when you point that out.

So you know, it boils down to choosing which things you really need to say, and which things you can let go. You can let the cheap chunk of plastic go but you can't let the screwed constitution or the sham democracy go.

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