Friday, May 27, 2005

Newsweek news-strong afterall

NEW evidence;

US knew about abuse of Koran, papers show
By Richard Schmitt in Washington May 27, 2005

Prisoners in Guantanamo Bay told FBI interviewers that guards repeatedly desecrated the Koran and that perceived abuses of the Muslim holy book triggered unrest at the prison as well as possible suicide attempts, US government documents have revealed.

The allegations include an incident in which guards "flushed a Koran in the toilet". In another incident a detainee refused to co-operate with investigators because of an interrogator allegedly "humiliating the Koran" while questioning another inmate. more

So bet all those bloggers trashing Newsweek last week are feeling bit silly now. Newsweek had it right. The papers show it. But will the bloggers admit it. I don't think so. I expect there'll be a notable silence in some quarters the next few hours. The kind of notable silence where one senses the bloggers mulling over which way to airbrush.

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