Monday, August 01, 2005

Waging the war

While war rages amoung militants and militia in the equatorial regions, far to the south in a small subtropical global city the war on terror is waged by it's alert and unalarmed population; a whoopee cushion is reported in downtown Sydney.

'Whoopee cushion' deactivated
July 31, 2005

A Sydney bus driver began wondering what he'd picked up when a suspicious popping sound drifted down from the back of his vehicle.

Luckily, the driver did not panic.

...he calmly went to investigate and found the source of the "pops" was ...a "whoopee cushion-style toy".


The driver duly completed his run - picking up and setting down passengers as usual - and alerted the police only when he arrived at Circular Quay about 25 minutes later. read whole true story

Thank goodness. I feel altogether much safer today, knowing that Sydney's public transport system has been spared one less explosion.

If only the school children would stop planting garlic capsules. It is worrying that our youth are attracted to these improviso devices at such tender ages, more so that similar devices may be readily available over the internet.

OMG !!! This site sells by mail order and this site tells you how to build one !!! In chatrooms !!! Code putrify mephitis !!! ASIO !!! Where are the web police when people really need them !!!

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