Thursday, July 07, 2005

L'Oreal world peace appeal

Hm. I wonder if this will work. Had some "young man" advice today (from dear young man).

"if you stop talking politics and dye your hair shiney blonde you will have 200 chasing you."

Eeep. I don't really need 200 - on the other hand, this is valuable and interesting advice.

Deep breath;

"My name is Helga and I am from Scandanavia, I am Helsinki platinum (product code REC114W) and use colour-lock *insert brand* hot-oil hair treatment. Now my hair is silky smooth and swings maidenly (Marion, flaxen) as I hold aloft my workers emancipation placard (at flattering angle). I believe in world peace and an end to all poverty. My greatest desire is to live happily ever after and John Howard is a Curr. I will not be voting for him ever again. Excuse me while I go tend to my pedicure, I find *insert brand* foot cream a most satisfying moisturising experience and I hope to use it 3x weekly before my next appearance at the Lady Diana No More Landmines function. Bless her Queen of hearts. She lived her life like a candle in the wind (Amnesty).

I hope you will vote for me and I promise to be the kindest most loving beauty pageant princess the world (virtual) has ever seen. I ask that George, Bush and Blair stop bombing the poor brave people of Irak and Afghanistan and after I have finished buffing and painting my nails luminescent peach I personally will handpen a letter to the G8 conference committee recommending Chanel No 5. What the world needs is more loveliness and less capsicum spray."

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