Thursday, July 28, 2005

Vizard gets off hook - but only in real life

Disgraced businessman Steve Vizard has been handed a $390,000 fine and a 10-year ban as a director for illegal share trading during his stint on the board of Telstra. more

Far too lenient.

Amended sentence (as I see fit);

Vizard banned forever from any sort of share trading at all, unless he donates all his share profits, past present and future, to bonafide street buskers. For which a street buskers distribution fund will be created, and regulated by the funding body of the Australia Council for the Arts. (Wow, I just created at least four new job vacancies).

A $390,000 fine is a pittance to this man. Vizard instead ordered to pay $100,000,000 or half his lifes saving, whichever is the greater, to the poorest public hospital in his state.

He shall be allowed to support himself by working as a telephone operator in a telstra callcentre.

Now that would be nearer justice.

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