Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Non-political post (with blonde highlights)

Just to make it clear again. In case anybody almost forgot.

I despise marxist theory almost as much as I loathe George Bush and Condoleeza Rice.

And I am not a centrist. I am just your ordinary everyday middle of the road undistinguished and gauche eccentric, leaning on fences (nonchalant) and regularly walking through walls.

All I want is for the world to be able to sip on Homo lights and chew rainbow coloured salads in peace, and twirl angels on pinheads. Because that's the sort of rotation that keeps the world spinning. Except that I just think Norway should sell it for free, otherwise, you know, 20 kroner kind of cheapens it and you might as well just go back to turning tricks for coke. Or something. See, you can tell I am naive and uninformed and that's all that matters at this stage, as I point out how run-of-the-mill I am. And how un-politically unmaligned and pure I am. How normal, and unswayed by elaborate political maneuver. That I, am just your regular plain-speaking crackpot diarist. And that I do not care or wonder that Norwegian Finance Minister Per-Kristian Foss is a conservative, even though I can't stand conservative foreign policy.

Oh look, this must be the Homo light promo material. And here it is again! How, peculiar.

Norwegian homosexuals are set to launch their own soda brand, Homo light, at an upcoming gastronomic festival, in the hope that it will help promote tolerance, one of the authors of the project said today.

"The goal is not for us to make money but to make us more visible and accepted," Oeystein Mauritzen say.

The soda... will be sold in half-litre bottles for 20 kroner.


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