Friday, July 29, 2005

Howard sore - IRA outshines him

Howard is trying his best to stir up something. Who knows what. In any event, it's painfully evident the man has a chip on his shoulder because he can't "out-noble" the laying down of arms. Howard, having just returned from Iraq decked out in "Dad's army outfit" clearly cannot compete and so falls back on half-cooked public statements.

"The IRA were terrorists and they murdered people and the reason that the British security forces and police are so effective in responding to terrorist attacks is the bitter 30 years' experience of dealing with the IRA." the rest

Praising the IRA with faint damnation? - IRA improved Britain's "anti-terror" response - IRA, effective?

Well whatever, deploring killings after so recently doning military garb in front of the press is more then a little hypocritical, at the very least blurring the borders of reason.

Update, nailing final nail in; I guess it's one of those weeks for Howard, everybody else is just so much more graceful.

Arrest me, I blog.

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