Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Why The War Is Bogus

The Australian Federal Government is going into overdrive. The wheels are spinning, but the vehicle ain't going nowhere.

Habib Under Fire From MP's - SMH

Australians should be skeptical over any claims of torture made by Guantanamo Bay detainee Mamdouh Habib, government MPs said today.

Pfft, Right. After Abu Ghraib? And during Australia's own current detention center fiasco?

Australian Federal Police dismissed Mr Habib's allegations of torture, but confirmed he had been taken to Egypt after his capture in Pakistan in 2001.

US diplomats sent Mr Habib to Egypt for "questioning" because US administration couldn't get away with certain methods under the US constitution at that time. The US and other so-called Western democratic countries have basically been out-sourcing torture of terror "suspects" to regimes which aren't "tied-down" by the same "liberal" "red-tape" that countries in the west are/were.

One senses the tip of an iceberg. After Egypt, My Habib was transported to Guantanamo Bay - a Cuban interrogative center also breaching Geneva Conventions through legal offshore loop-holes. After three years three months and twenty-three days in various outsourced locations, the US found nothing to convict Mr Habib with. Mr Habib was going to be "trialed" along with other Guantanamo Bay show-cases but the risk that details of his transportation and subsequent off-shore torture might emerge publicly during his "trial" was a risk the US was evidently not going to take.

So Mr Habib was transported, conveniently, back to Australia. Hopefully out of the global spotlight. Australia on the arse of the world, it's 18th century role as isolated penal colony resuscitated in 21st century context.

Howard is freaking out that the shit will hit the fan and it'll be sprayed all over the world. The Australian government is freaking out that remote location alone can't contain this. Hence the morning proclamation in Australian news papers and on Australian web sites announcing "Australians should be skeptical over any claims of torture".

Howard is passing the buck to his other ministers and has barely uttered a word. Meanwhile Downer, Ruddock and all the party backbenchers are slapping their jaws together at 150 k's per hour trying to blur the fine print with spittle and froth.

The one last straw in the case for War is at stake, all other straws having been huffed away. The war in Iraq and in Afghanistan has come down to it's last thin coat of white-wash. War - facilitator of global human righteousness.

What Mr Habib's allegations and trial imply for all Western Governments is that the West's dirty little secret is finally leaking out into the pallid lime-light of neo-dark-age dawn. Western countries have been using the despotic regimes of other countries to detain and torture and do the dirty work which Western "civilisations" cannot get away with under Western Bills of Human Rights. That is, until those bills are re-billed.

If I ever stop blogging or if I ever endorse war, you'll know it's not me and you might like to send out some search teams.

UPDATE; Syd Morn Herald link busted. Requires use of invisible ink technique. Run cursor over link and look at browser bottom bar to see where it should have lead to.

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