Monday, February 14, 2005


Hill lied about Iraq interrogations: expert
By Tom Allard February 14, 2005 - smh

The Defence Minister, Robert Hill, lied to Parliament when he said no Australians had interrogated Iraqi prisoners, an Australian biological weapons expert says.

Rod Barton, a former Defence Intelligence Organisation specialist, has also painted a picture of a servile Australian, US and British military hierarchy, prepared to suppress the truth to protect their political masters.

Mr Barton says he interrogated prisoners at Camp Cropper, near Baghdad airport, when contracted to work for the Iraq Survey Group (ISG) and told the Defence Department when he returned in March last year.

Australia is run by cretins. Ruddock disgusts me and Alexander Downer is a repugnant little wimp. (need smh registration to view those links, but it's free).

Howard is not saying anything, he is holed up in his white-wared palace pretending nobody tells him anything - again.

(Did I mention already? Need smh registration to view those links, but it's free and the sites updated regular and it's Australia's closest thing to "locally produced international news", not including under-visited bloggers. No I swear I do not get paid to run adverts. Seriously, look at my sitemeter, no-one in their right mind would pay for advertising rights here).

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