Sunday, February 13, 2005

Managing Assets

Another good reason why wasting money on war is a dumb idea.

The Hubble Space Telescope, arguably the greatest scientific instrument in the history of space exploration, may only have three years of life left after plans to mount a rescue mission were recently shelved by the US government.

The next servicing mission, scheduled for 2008, was intended to upgrade Hubble’s batteries and gyroscopes, allowing it to function for another eight years...

Last month, however, the US government refused to release the $1 billion needed for the upgrade. As a result, the Hubble space telescope will continue to function normally in the short term, but without the repairs to its batteries and gyroscopes it will eventually wear down in three years. -felix.

What a waste.

It only takes $1 billion to upgrade the Hubble, a valuable research asset. Attempts to revive the "star wars" carcas will cost $60 to $200 billion. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to write a more sensible budget.

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