Wednesday, February 16, 2005


State election campaigning in Perth, Australia. Co-alition policy...

Leaders Show Crime Fight
, February 16, 2005, The Australian.

The Coalition's policy to curb anti-social behaviour included $5 million for local councils to install closed circuit television in trouble hotspots. Police would also get a $300,000 water cannon and light body armour to allow them to more safely respond to major incidents.

A water cannon. WT. Reading along...

As a last resort, the Coalition would introduce temporary curfews in communities with entrenched anti-social behaviour problems... Dr Gallop said 40 Taser stun guns would be issued to police, primarily for use by the tactical response group.

The guns use a jolt of electricity to temporarily immobilise people.

Perth has a population of about
1,433,200 and is Australia's fifth largest indigenous population center, with an Aboriginal population of about 20,506. No prize for guessing which card the WA Co-alition is playing.

State Australian Government splashes out on water cannon and stun guns while Federal Aus Government fends of it's detention policy fiasco amid revelations that "leading" Australians are involved in Iraq and Egypt interrogations. Oh great. I see a real future ahead for Australia. I do.

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