Sunday, February 13, 2005


A greater man might have seized the opportunity to set aside political one-upmanship and talk peace. But Wolfowitz? You'd be dreaming.

"There's been very little generosity so far from parts of the Muslim world that are big on talking about jihad and other things, but when 200,000 people - all of them Muslim in the case of Indonesia - died in this catastrophe, there's not much help forthcoming," Mr Wolfowitz said. - smh.

"The Muslim World"? So like we have a fourth world now? The "Developed World " the "Second World" the "Third World" and the now "the Muslim World". Where will it end I ask. Somebody call Nasa and tell them to stop looking 'round other stars for new planets.

*Sigh*. True to form, Wolfowitz is busy bagging "the Muslim World" while everyone else is just pulling together and offering what they can, whether it be five bucks in the local "tsunami aid" collection tin or a few million in interest free loans. Every little bit counts and Wolfowitz bragging about US contributions while slagging of "the Muslim World" sounds tight-fisted and mean. Especially considering Afghanistan and Iraq might have managed a few more cents if their cities hadn't been leveled by Wolfowitz's paltry excuse for democracy.

Shame on Wolfowitz for dividing and besmearing other people by religion.

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