Friday, February 18, 2005


Inquiry no witch-hunt, says Nelson
By Kelly Burke, February 18, 2005 smh

A national inquiry into teacher training sparked by the comments of a Sydney academic will examine whether education faculties in universities have become "quasi-sociology" departments.

Oh. I wonder what implications this might have for bloggers.

The federal Education Minister, Brendan Nelson, announced the House of Representatives Standing Committee inquiry yesterday, but dismissed suggestions the move was an ideologically driven exercise in rooting out Labor-voting teachers.

Raising an eyebrow ve-r-y slowly.

The inquiry would, however, examine "in particular the people that are being attracted to teaching", along with a careful examination of the philosophical underpinnings of teacher training.

What kind of people might be attracted to teaching? Thinking. Quasi-sociologists? The Quasi-sociotel?

"In too many instances I've had teacher-education faculties described to me as quasi-sociology departments," Dr Nelson said.

Many instances?

Google fact. "quasi-sociology" 9 unique search results 18 Feb 2004 (the other 94 are "duplicates").

If people still read paper Nelson would be burning books.

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