Thursday, February 17, 2005

Google Down The Gurgler?

Google plug pulled? The end?

Funny, I never use google much for blog visiting. Mostly I read blogs by roll. But I used to get a few hits from someone googling "vomen". For some queer reason.

I guess maybe this means some of the smaller blogs that rely on other systems may start rising to the top. Google rank doesn't make much difference if you've not got a very important blog but if you're using other methods that keep you ticking while others are experiencing a post-goog slump, well... you could be a survivor.

A google de-rank would prob'ly affect "medium large" blogs most, the ones that just kept getting bigger up there on top of the google compost heap. If you're on the second page anyway - phoo, what's the diff. Nobodies gonna notice.

The really huge blogs probly won't be affected at all - they're kind of like mainstream media anyway. A lot of newspapers and stuff are doing there own blog columns too now so it'll be interesting to see how that works - they get bucket loads of hits from the website they're attached to and link to other smaller blogs themselves, sometimes, which is good because it draws in a different audience and also an audience that are actually reading rather then just clicking aimlessly away on google items. Actually, more I think about it, less sense it makes for google. We're all just too tied up with each other now, the big 'n the small. I can't see really how they could separate stuff out totally.

It doesn't seem to have affected IBC much, most google hits there are from people directly searching "iraq blog". So long as people are googling "blog" there is a little ray perhaps of something maybe sunny.

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