Friday, February 18, 2005

Howard Party To Torture

Rudd questions PM's honesty
February 18, 2005 From: AAP

PRIME Minister John Howard's honesty was at stake over the issue of Australian involvement in the interrogation of prisoners in Iraq, the federal Opposition said today.

John Howard's honesty at stake? What honesty? It all burned up years ago. When he signed that pact in hell to endorse detention centers and ignore Aboriginal reconciliation.

Canberra scientist Rod Barton reignited debate on the issue when he told the ABC Four Corners program he took part in an interrogation. Mr Howard rejected Mr Barton's claims, saying he was confident Mr Barton had only been involved in interviews.

Mr Howard rejected Mr Barton's claims... he was confident Mr Barton had only been involved in interviews ? WHAT ! Don't tell me Howard was there too.

Meanwhile Hockey tries to play with words. Fool. Who does he think he is. Even a blogger wouldn't try this on...

But Human Services Minister Joe Hockey said Mr Rudd was wrong. "This is a semantic debate about what is an interrogation and what is an interview," Mr Hockey told the program.

"The fundamental point is: were Australians there whilst Iraqis were allegedly being tortured? The answer is 'no'."

Puh-leese. Interrogators, interviewers, whatever the heck you wanna call them. They're trained, they know the rub. Being a part of an intelligence gathering interrogative team, whatever ones role in it, essentially means one is party to all it's actions. Including torture. Just as Howard is.

Were Australians there while people were being tortured? The answer is "yes".

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