Friday, February 18, 2005

Beazley on air

Just quickly...

Overheard start of abc interview with latest Aus Opp (Australian Opposition) leader (Beazley) this morn. Half a minute anyway - then switched off. The man is so unimaginatively out-of-touch.

Premise - Beazley sums up two "issues". First, the Howard govt's misleading of parliament/cover up/save face/making-stuff-up bit which is not supposed to happen in democracies. Well so far alright. Except why'd he stop at misleading "parliament". How about misleading everyone else eh Beaz - or did we forget we were on air?

(Oh yes for the not-Aus reader, latest Aus-gov making-stuff-up bit; Australia was not involved in interrogations in Iraq, Australian personnel were just conducting "interviews").

And then Beaz got onto issue two. Fighting "The War On Terror". What's worse, he was serious. I don't know who the heck he thinks he's trying to connect with amoung abc's radio audience. "The War On Terror" is the biggest most out-dated rhetorical gaff this century, and Beazley just used it. Even Howard knows this - Howard's war toadying is so unpopular he ran for election on "domestic issues". Not even right-wing bloggers say "War On Terror" anymore. The only time anyone says "The War On Terror" is when somebody's joking, blackly.

Basically this tells me that Beazley, apart from being out-of-touch, is not so much concerned with War but with trying to cover-up. In essence Beazley is saying "I'd 'ave done it too, but I wouldn't 'ave got caught".

Would I ever vote for Beaz? Nope. War sucks.

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