Thursday, February 24, 2005

Post election present ~ John Howard sends 450 more troops to Iraq from Australia

How odd. For a moment there the queerest memory surfaced - everyone all over the web was saying that an election meant the war would end and all the troops could go home and the occupation would be over and Iraq and everyone would live ever after happily. Must have been my imagination.

Australia's gift ~

The government's position of not sending a significant number of extra troops to Iraq changed after the huge success of Iraq's election on January 30, Mr Downer said.

"We didn't really anticipate sending any more troops until, (it) would've been the following week and ... we sat down and we talked this issue through," he said. "Particularly on the basis of the success of the elections". more here (or here).

Yeek. War is peace and we're all free.

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