Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Outsourcing Interrogation

While current Australian defense minister Robert Hill deny deny denies, more information surfaces suggesting an otherwise trend.

Hill's "Iraqi interrogations didn't happen" is sounding a wee bit boggy. Sinking feeling, Robert?

CIA ghost jail system
February 22, 2005 - smh.

Washington: The CIA allegedly whisked foreign terrorism suspects to clandestine interrogation facilities using a Boeing 737 dedicated for that purpose, according to Newsweek magazine.

The allegation, if proven, is "further evidence that a global 'ghost' prison system, where terror suspects are secretly interrogated, is being operated by the CIA", Newsweek reported.

The magazine wrote that it had obtained the aircraft's flight plans, indicating that the CIA had used the plane "as part of a top-secret global charter servicing clandestine interrogation facilities used in the war on terror". It said US Federal Aviation Administration records showed the plane was owned by Premier Executive Transport Services, a now-defunct company based
in Massachusetts.

US intelligence sources told the magazine the company fitted the profile of a suspected CIA front... read whole thing (link requires SMH registration to view, otherwise click here).

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