Friday, February 18, 2005


Some people have a knack for saying things. Don't they just.

Carlos Valenzuela, the chief U.N. elections official in Iraq ~

"The elections were not perfect; they were never meant to be." -spi.

They were never meant to be. But thanks to the people who campaigned for legitimacy by questioning motive and demonstratively providing a counterpoint by imaginatively creating the not-vote, the elections were pulled off with at least a small nod to democratic principle.

Although it is kinda weird how all the people who did vote still just end up with what someone else chooses for them. The way elections work usually, the people are supposed to say who gets to be prime minister. That's how come it's called democracy. "The people rule".

ORIGIN Greek demokratia, from demos ‘the people’ + -kratia ‘power, rule’ (ox).

So I guess when a parliament elects a prime minister all by itself we should probably swap those two bits of the word around then. Kratiademos. Or maybe, Crasdemo.

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