Friday, February 11, 2005

What flavour...

Well I do like tea, but I'm not sure everyone would agree with this...

What Flavour Are You? Cor blimey, I taste like Tea.Cor blimey, I taste like Tea.

I am a subtle flavour, quiet and polite, gentle, almost ambient. My presence in crowds will often go unnoticed. Best not to spill me on your clothes though, I can leave a nasty stain. What Flavour Are You?

And apparently if I didn't taste like Tea, I would taste like Vanilla. I'm not sure everyone would agree with that either...

What Flavour Are You? I am Vanilla Flavoured.I am Vanilla Flavoured.

I am one of the most popular flavours in the world. Subtle and smooth, I go reasonably with anyone, and rarely do anything to offend. I can be expected to be blending in in society. What Flavour Are You?

I guess I can see why I ended up as Tea.

Shame about the stains. I suppose you would probably want polished floorboards or a good carpet cleaner, if you invited me over.

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