Monday, December 13, 2004

Another lame bloggers competition

Somebody suggested I run a competition, to alleviate the air of thumb-twiddling dullness which has settled upon the hour. And somebody suggested the prize be me - one hours worth of witty engaging MSN chat. But I felt that would cheapen me. So I thought I needed to come up with a different prize. Which was quite difficult really. I suddenly realized how unmaterialistic I have become, and how (relatively) unmaterialistic most bloggers are. I mean, here we all are just imagining up a whole bunch of stuff. How more un-real can you get then that? So it needed to be a prize that appeals to bloggers. With added value. So the prize is a package deal. More about the prize later. Meanwhile, the competition;

Competition Categories;

  • Post-modern - eloquence without content
  • Terrible Secrets - fairly open field, so long as it's terrible, true and secret.
  • The Dullest Diary Entry In The World - will be awarded to lamest post ever.
  • Overall winner.

Email your submissions to; emigreimagine at yahoo dot com dot au. Winner will win by number of links to the entry and by votes on a poll.

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