Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Voter Vault

The Voter Vault.

The science of data mining, a specialty in the field of applied mathematics. It extracts useful knowledge from analysis of patterns hidden in the voluminous data generated by networked computers, credit reports and consumer record keeping.

Said McAuliffe, "We can go right down to the county and precinct level and pull up any person who now lives in any of those precincts ... with high-quality lists for targeting, testing, fund raising and organizing for a master mobilization effort in 2004."

During campaigns, the entire database is employed "to decide whether ... a voter is a supporter or leaning toward our candidates," McNeilly said. "It tells us if they need more persuasion in the form of phone calls or issue-related mail, and on Election Day, if they are a supporter, we make sure they are motivated to go out and vote."

Remembering unsolicited emails "with all the right answers" some US bloggers received before their elections.

"It's not about the number of names but how much data you can put behind each name that makes the difference," said Eddie Mahe, a veteran Republican campaign consultant.

Shit. The perfect target for the Voter Vault. The blogger, who else publishes such a rich and varied source of data all by themselves, about themselves, for absolutely free, on everything, from what they had for breakfast to how often they bonk. No wonder so many bloggers sound so brainwashed.

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