Friday, December 10, 2004

National Exclusive

Dear >insert name<

Your nation's pain is unique. No one else could ever possibly understand the pain and misery that >your nation< (insert name of nation) has suffered. No one on earth could understand the pain and misery that is the poor >insert nationality<'s lot. Nowhere in history has any nation sufferered as yours. No other people have been as oppressed or as downtrodden as the >insert nationality<. No one could possibly have suffered as an >insert nationality<. >Insert nation<'s pain, is unequaled by any other pain. Your pain, >insert nation<'s pain, is as exceptional as it is tormentuous. Nobody could even begin to understand the >insert nationality<'s pain and suffering, because pain and suffering are nationally exclusive, exclusive to your nation. Nobody else could possibly understand, ever. Because your nation's pain is unique.

With sympathy


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