Saturday, December 11, 2004


Received this email from "s5d6r1".

In these hard days in Iraq there is a need for clearing some confusion, that is important to stop the bleeding of the Iraqi and American blood, by clearing these issues the pretext that the terrorist are using to recruit young Muslims is weakened and that will remove the misunderstanding that lead a lot of Iraqi people to have a hostile look at the present of the coalition forces in their land too.

To do this a clear statement is needed from the US president by talking in clear words to the Iraqi people and the people of the world in a televised speech setting clear these important issues:

  • US acted to protect itself from what it believed was a grave danger presented by the regime of Saddam Hussein. By removing this regime from power it created a power vacuum that it felt its obligation to fix things before leaving the country.
  • The presence of the coalition forces in Iraq is TEMPORARY and as soon as a democratic elected government with the ability to protect Iraq and enforce the law is created they will LEAVE.
  • There are NO PLANS to put any prominent military bases in Iraq.
  • There are NO PLANS to control Iraqi resources by American or multinational companies through long term contracts.
  • There are NO PLANS to influence by any means the way Iraqis want to rule themselves, or the upcoming elections.

Many of these issues was declared before but there is a need to say it again. For many Iraqis they need this assurance before they can get over their suspicions toward the coalition and if the president's words are clear enough he will make an edge against the terrorists and win a lot of Iraqi hearts that some of them are in a gray area and they will lean to the right side.

So I ask for your help to get this letter to the American administration and the president, by e-mailing it to the president, the white house, your congressman, the media, weblogs, forums, lobby groups and as many people as possible.

You could post this letter on your blog, the letter already posted in three Iraqi blogs:

By doing this we will be able to save lives and help Iraq standing on its legs again.


President George W. Bush:
Vice President Richard Cheney:

Anyway, my reply;

Dear s5d6r1

Well, personally, I feel a bit more then the US president talking is going to have to happen to convince anyone about these things. As you say, many of these issues have been declared before. I'm not sure repetition in this case is going to be especially convincing without actual proof. And proof, in my experience, only comes with time.

Anyway, s5d6r1, you are dead right about the power vacuum. George W Bush and Richard Cheney's email addresses were a nice touch too. Do you think anyone will actually buy it?


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