Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I had a dream

It's one of those weeks. There's not really a lot to blog. A sort of "yes we've seen it all before" pall seems to have settled upon the blogolopolis. I mean, I have been exchanging past life stories in chat with neo-cons. And the neo-con started it. So I now am reduced to blogging either quizzes or dreams.

There is a lot happening. It's just that it's all the same old thing and I'm rather tired of it this week.

Things I am tired of this week:

  • Rigged uprisings in the Ukraine.
  • The Virgin Mary, this time appearing on a 10 year old cheese toasted sandwich.

Anyway. I had a dream (yes really). I dreamed I was listening to a blues singer. And these were the words she sung:

You know I've traveled
all over the world honey
and I've seen a lotta different women live
a lotta different ways

10 thousand different ways of pain

And then she goes on to sing about the 10 thousand different ways of pain she has seen women live, it's sort of about freedom. We are free to live 10 thousand different types of misery. And it's kind of a lament, that we live these 10 thousand ways of mundane pain instead of 10 thousand different ways of joy. It's sort of a song of compassion about the inversion of liberty.

And then, she belts out;

And it pains me
Oh yes it pains me
to see women live
these 10 thousand ways

And that's the last line of the song, and the one that sticks in my head as I shower.

No idea where the men were in the dream. There weren't any. But in waking I include them too. It pains me, oh yes it pains me, to see you live, these 10 thousand ways.

(First verse is sort of spoken, last word of each line descending. Last verse sung ascending "pains me" - emphasis on pains, live and ways and on the Oh).

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