Sunday, December 12, 2004

It's very strange


the head doctor of the Rudolfinerhaus clinic where Mr Yushchenko is undergoing treatment, said there was no doubt the disease had been caused by dioxins, mostly likely administered in something like soup - BBC. Russia, a health ministry official questioned their conclusions.

"Dioxin is not a poison with an immediate effect," Yuri Ostapenko said in an interview with Moscow Echo radio.

"Toxicity builds up over years, dozens of years, and it is impossible to receive a dose one day that would poison you the next." - BBC.

...One week Yushchenko suffers a viral infection...

...Siegel said he doubts that Yushchenko was poisoned with ricin, as some have suggested, because his symptoms "weren't super-acute enough - there were not enough pulmonary and gastrointestinal manifestations."

His theory: Yushchenko has been suffering from an unknown virus.

"A viral illness can be something you never definitively find," Siegel said... - SMH.

...The next he has been poisoned...

The various and unusual symptoms could be caused by a subtle secret chemical, Connecticut toxicologists said.

But from what little medical evidence is available, the doctors said there is no clear indication of poisoning.

"It’s very strange," said Dr. Carl Baum, director of toxicology at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital. - MTP.

Some doctors who tested Yushchenko are now supposed to be retracting their dioxin poisoning diagnosis. According to the news. It is very strange. It seems, he was supposed to be disfigured instead of assassinated. Why would someone go to all that trouble. Is an election result really that crucial?

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