Friday, November 12, 2004

Weather !!! Northern Lights In South !!!

As Arafat shakes the earth, in death as in life, a spectacular auroral display has been lighting up Australia's night skies. Disturbances (explosions) of electro-magnetic nature on the sun's surface have created a spectacular night time display for Australians. No we have not been able to watch. It has been raining.

spectacular light show is expected to play across Australia's southern skies as a major geomagnetic storm rages above the earth's atmosphere this week. - smh.

As for rain, El Nino is playing up again. Bad news for farmers. Drought years always follow wet ones. There is not much hope really, although CSIRO reports its getting wetter;

While the south-east of Australia has gone through years of drought, new research shows the rest of the country including the centre, is getting wetter.

not really good news because

"The overall trend in rainfall is somewhat coloured by the fact that most people tend to live around those particular regions," (Ian Smith CSIRO) - abc

Ie: it is raining where nobody lives. Well except for today, where it is raining in Sydney. Where everybody lives.

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